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Assistant Cultivators - MedCanna-Growing Your Potential
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Assistant Cultivators

Assistant Cultivators

Our Company

We are an entrepreneurial and growing company seeking Assistant Cultivators in the Marijuana Industry. The successful candidate will assist us in establishing and managing a new cultivation facility and growing high quality cannabis produced in a pesticide and insecticide free environment. It is our goal to produce a range of high quality and differentiated goods (flower, trim, product for extraction/edibles) that will be sold both through our retail operations as well as through our existing wholesale distribution. Preference will be given to the candidate with applicable cultivation experience, with further consideration given to experience cultivating in a pesticide and insecticide free environment.
We are looking for a number of highly motivated individuals to complement and grow with our team. The Assistant Cultivators report to the Senior Cultivation Manager will be expected to perform tasks based on the schedule provided by the Senior Cultivation Manager. Our team’s compensation philosophy is to pay a competitive wage or salary for a position and relative to applicable qualifications with incentive-based elements that can provide substantial upside for the motivated, goal-oriented team member. Our strategies aim to both capture market share and drive growth in the edibles market, and the successful candidate that exploits this opportunity will be rewarded.

Reports to

Senior Cultivation Manager

Job Summary

Apply knowledge of environmental-control structures, systems and techniques.


  1. Assist the Senior Cultivation Manager in all aspects associated with indoor Medical Cannabis cultivation and processing, such as plant maintenance, feeding, pruning, manicuring, trimming, packaging, and curing.
  2. Observe and examine vegetative development, bloom development, and nutrient schedule to determine optimal conditions.
  3. Administer and maintain nutrient schedule.
  4. Identify any pests, diseases, or infestations and manage the outbreak.
  5. Maintain, clean and disinfect hydroponic systems, lighting systems, and environmental control systems.
  6. Record environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and any other pertinent information as requested by the Senior Cultivation Manager.
  7. Perform additional tasks as may be required by the Senior Cultivation Manager.

Assistant cultivators will complete 40 hours of training in good agricultural practices in medical marijuana cultivation, safe handling, facility safety, and emergency procedures. For more information please email MedCanna.

To Apply

Please submit a resume, cover letter and compensation requirements to