Business Development Associate

Business Development Associate

Job Description


The business development associate will create and build client relationships while sponsoring interaction to obtain projects. This role assists in developing and facilitating the proposal process for specific clients/ investors including budget and pricing development, proposal writing, contract negotiations and client presentations.

Essential Functions

  1. Assist in formulating standard/routine proposals in conjunction with team members and various functional groups.
  2. Assist in developing a budget and price estimate using standard models.
  3. Assist other business development associates in developing project plans, defining roles and responsibilities and the scope of work for each project with input from clients, investors, project leaders, principal investigators and functional groups.
  4. Draft the narrative that ties the project components together and package and assist in presenting the proposal to the sponsoring agency.
  5. Communicate back to internal groups the outcome of the negotiations/proposals focusing on conveying the expectations set forth for each group, i.e. clear details, critical timeframes and expectations.
  6. Continuingly refine proposals based on feedback from prospective clients and investors.
  7. Track and report on the status of all proposal components.
  8. Establish and maintain on-going client relationships with the various parties to anticipate and resolve potential problems. Participate in site visits.
  9. Support other business development team members in the compilation of ‘Out of Scopes.
  10. Participate in activities needed to support the management functions of the team.


  1. Collaboration Skills
  2. Organizational Skills
  3. Communication Proficiency
  4. Technical Capacity
  5. Initiative

Work Environment

This job operates in an adaptive environment. Team members often work from home, an office setting, and on the road. The Business Development Associate must have their own working laptop.

Position Type/Expected Hours of Work

We strive to keep regular office hours but often require flexibility outside of the traditional work hours. This position does not focus on the number of hours worked but instead on completing the assignments.


The Business Development Associate will need a functional car to travel to local destinations. This position will require occasional trips to cities across the United States.

Education and Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree (preferred) in business, science or other related discipline or associate’s degree and related experience.
  2. At least one year of experience in cannabis industry business development and/or research and development arena preferred. Must have experience creating successful proposals.


Due to the nature of this industry, applicant must have a clean background; no drug-related arrests, felonies of any kind, or other incidents that may indicate an absence of good moral character.


Exempt Full Time

Salary Grade/Level/Family/Range

Depends on Experience

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To Apply

Please submit a resume, cover letter and compensation requirements to