Senior Operations Manager - Processing

Senior Operations Manager – Processing

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We are an entrepreneurial and growing company seeking a Senior Operations Manager in the Marijuana Industry. The successful candidate be responsible for the general operations of a designated processing facility. The Senior Operations Manager (SOM) directs and coordinates through subordinate supervisory personnel, all activities and functions of the facility. The SOM determines, guides, an certifies all training protocols and procedures. The SOM must be a self-starter with high attention to detail and an ability to multitask. Preference will be given to the candidate with applicable experience in management and specifically with experience managing processing facilities and training new staff members.

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Job Summary

  1. Will support the organization’s mission, vision, values, and strategy. Implement and manage the strategic programs, services, goals and objectives of the organization the company’s standards on processing as well as all daily procedures.
  2. The SOM will be responsible for running the processing facility. Will be responsible for creation of staffing rotations, training of new employees, reporting daily to the CEO regarding production and output.
  3. SOM will ensure that the facility is properly configured and that workspaces meet local, state, and federal regulations before work day. SOM will be responsible for making sure facility is reset to opening conditions at the end of the work day.
  4. Will be responsible for the overall quality of product.
  5. Able to successfully use and input data in software system to be designated by the state of operation (no experience required, will train).
  6. Must be able to work in a warehouse setting (standing for long periods of time).
  7. When not managing the facility, the manager will be allowed to work in a subordinate role (assisting in processing) and will be compensated at that designated level of compensation.


  1. Experience in a warehouse setting is a plus, but not required.
  2. Reliable transportation required.
  3. Must have proper qualifications to work in medical marijuana industry.
  4. Must have flexible work schedule and must show up on time.
  5. Must have reliable communication skills.
  6. Must comply with all state and city regulations.
  7. Must be responsible and trustworthy.
  8. Be able to work in a fast paced environment.
  9. Must be able to manage processing employees and enforce company’s standards.
  10. Must be able to come in early and set up for the day.


3 years of experience in agriculture/Cannabis business preferred. For more information please email MedCanna.

To Apply

Please submit a resume, cover letter and compensation requirements to