Sjoerd Broeks

Sjoerd Broeks

Founder & Lead Horticultural Consultant

Mr. Broeks is a partner and lead horticultural consultant with MedCanna Consulting LLC. Mr Broeks is also the primary consultant for Mr. Wolf Consultancy, a Northern California based business.

Mr. Broeks has more than two decades of every day experience in the cultivation of Cannabis. Mr. Broeks was the lead horticulturalist at Cannabis College for five years, as well as running all the seed production, genetic library management and strain development for the Flying Dutchmen Seed Company.

While in Amsterdam Mr. Broeks built, implemented, and consulted on dozens of indoor grow facilities and green house projects. During this period Mr. Broeks was also responsible for supplying high quality product to a number of Amsterdam Coffee shops.

Mr. Broeks has been the sole lead horticulturalist for large legally licensed Cannabis operations, each of which entailed multi hectare test plots as well as multi hectare greenhouse facilities. These projects were run over a period of five years, and elicited the need for multifaceted and complicated strategies for efficient agronomy within less than ideal circumstances. Mr. Broeks was the lead for each stage of growth, including large-scale clone production, nursery management, field crops, post harvest processing, particle separation and packing and storage.

Mr. Broeks runs two legal CA cooperatives, supplying medicine to over a hundred patients, as well as consulting for fifty clients to ensure disease free, high quality medicine for their patients. With an emphasis on strong genetics, integrated pest management and effective organic pest control Mr. Broeks has earned a strong reputation within his community.